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Tips on Cleaning a Home Garage

It is possible to spend hours cleaning the garage only. Garages are not only meant for cars but also used for storing unused household items. First, you need to figure out the best way to get things done. Use the criteria that will work for you even if you have to do it for a couple of days. The following are tips on cleaning your home garage:


Your home garage is probably filled with items that will never be used. When decluttering, the first step is to find out what is in the garage. Pull out everything and pick a section to start with. This will allow you to see the amount of space you will work with and the type of storage you might need to keep everything intact.

Make categories of the items you find and label them as; “garbage”, “donate” or “keep”. Separate the items into piles to see what is left behind. If you’d like to make extra coins, sell the items, do a little research to decide on how to price the items. Get creative with the items that can’t be donated or sold.

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Organize Your Garage

After cleaning up your garage and decluttering, it’s time to organize. Shelving keeps the garage neat and organized. Fix a few shelves along the garage walls and get rid of all those old boxes and bins. Shelving helps to keep items where they belong and prevent clutter from creeping back.

Items that are used frequently can be kept on the lower shelves for easier access. Use cabinets and closets for items that are rarely used. Larger stools such as shovels, rakes, and spades can be hanged on the walls using firm hooks or nails. Categorize items in groups so that you always know where to find them and return them after use.

Air out the Garage

The garage can get musty over time if it has not been emptied for a long time. Make sure all the windows and doors are opened up after dusting and cleaning the garage. Use a fan to speed up the airing-out process. Place the fan near an open window or door.

Start by identifying the source of garage odors, most potent smell come from a variety of chemicals found inside a garage. To maintain the freshness, use baking soda in tabs that contain several supplies. Every week open up for a few hours to invite in clean air. Always clean the garbage cans and recycling bins. Rinse them carefully and leave them outside to dry.

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Wipe Down and Sweep the Garage

Wipe down any surface in the garage using clean water and soap. Consider the material on the garage walls and surfaces. If the wall is dry and made of brick, you can sweep with a broom to remove dirt and dust.

Remove cobwebs and salt deposits on the walls using a broom. Put a lot of focus on the corners, they are notorious for holding dust. Use detergent and a cloth to scrub off dirt from the windows. Stubborn stains can be removed by using pure vinegar. Dry the surfaces with a microfiber cloth and for the windows use a piece of newspaper.

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