Home Heating

Most homeowners look for ways to lower their heating bill and with the right measures, the bill is expected to surge. There are alternative heating methods but you need to be smart. The following are easy ways to lower your heating bill. Here are some tips to save money on home heating:

Turn Down the Thermostat

It is usually advised to turn the heat down at night and when nobody is at home. If you have an automatic thermostat, it can be programmed with the hours you are away from home and automatically go on before you return. A good thermostat will vary by the manufacturer, the price can go up to $130 with the installation.

Keep the bedrooms between 60-67 degrees to get enough night’s sleep. For babies and toddlers, you can keep 65-70 degrees. Lowering your thermostat by up to 10 degrees can help you save up to 10% annually on heating bills. Plan to invest in a simple programmable thermostat to save 10-12% of your annual energy bill.

Keep Warm

Remember the more clothing you wear, the less you will need heat in your home. Let every member of your family wear warm clothes inside the house. Switch to wearing pants, socks, and more woolen clothing. Cuddle up in a blanket when around the house at night watching TV or reading a book.

Put extra blankets on your bed so that you are comfortable even with the thermostat turned down while you sleep. The secret is to dress up in layers and take warm drinks when entertaining or relaxing. Insulate the floors, curtains, and windows. Invest in flannel sheets on your bed and rugs on your floors. Throw rugs especially on hardwood floors and tile eliminates the shock of ice-cold surfaces during winter.

home heating tips

Allow Light to Come In

Always open the curtains during the day to allow the sun to warm up the house. Consider moving any furniture that might block direct sunlight especially on the sides of the house where there is good sun exposure.

Keep trees and shrubs pruned outside the house windows to receive full sunlight. Allowing light to come in helps to keep cold air out when it’s dark. Close the curtains and blinds at night to improve the insulation against the windows.

Schedule an Energy Audit

It is difficult to know if the energy bill you are paying is the right one. Many utility companies offer house calls at a small fee to help homeowners find out how they can improve the energy efficiency in their homes. A special thermal meter is used by a technician to pinpoint the areas of heat loss.

The technician will help review your appliances for energy efficiency. Energy audit reveals the over-expenditure and makes you know where exactly your energy dollars are going. This knowledge will not only help track your energy use not also improve your savings. You will know the appliances that need to be changed to save energy.